Who are these devs I keep hearing about?

Dan, Sam and Matt are a bunch of cheeky m8s based in Sydney, Australia. Dan kicked off Norse Code Studios in July 2015 with the dream of building a game studio focused on refreshing the intense, simple and most importantly, FUN, gaming experiences of the early 90s (i.e childhood). In December 2015, Samuel J Molyneux Griffin III - or 'Shifty Griff' for short - came onboard for Norse Code Studios' first game, "Black Siren" to build out the entity component system and multiplayer integration. Mattieu Le Jorge joined shortly after.

What platforms will you support?

At this stage we will be releasing on PC, Mac and Linux. We don't have plans for other platforms at this time.

Describe your game in one line?

Black Siren is an explosive action-RTS space experience set several hundred years in the future.

What modes can I play?

Black Siren has an engrossing single player campaign as well as a versus multiplayer mode you can play with up to (hopefully!) seven other players.

When will Black Siren be released?

We're hoping to release Black Siren between May - June 2017. Fingers crossed.

What kind of animals do you lot have in your backyard down under?

Thanks for asking! Refer to the below...

Snakes. Dan hates snakes

Giant water dragons of destruction.

Giant wasps that take on spiders five times their size, drag them into wasp burrows and presumably devour them.

Bush turkeys that keep eating Kelvin's shallots.

Gangs of Cockatoos, the local peacekeepers.

Echidnas, spiky balls of friendship. The one in our yard is named Ivory. Boff is his favourite.

What is the average air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

We're led to believe this would be approximately 50km/h to 65km/h, or 31m/h to 40m/h for the Americans among us!